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Điểm học kỳ 1,2 lớp N21DLK

Danh sách, địa điểm thi Khảo sát anh văn, tin học (đợt 2)

Các bạn sinh viên chú ý danh sách thi, có mặt đúng giờ và địa điểm thi để dự thi.


ANALYZING THE ESSAY In the TOEIC Writing Test, you may encounter a number of different essay questions. By familiarizing yourself with the different types of essay questions you may see, you will understand what type of information to include in your response and how to create a complete and successful response. This chart gives an explanation of the most common types of essay questions and examples of each.

Format of an e-mail letter

Format of an e-mail letter The Header information: From: email address of the sender To: email address of the recipient Subject: What the email is about Date: When the e-mail is sent